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gThe Consortium for the Study of East Asian Historyh and gThe History Core Division Courseh

Through the previous 21st COE program gEast Asia and Japan: Interaction and Tranformationsh which we have been conducting for the last five years, we have established a) the Consortium for the Study of East Asian History, and b) the History Core Division Course.

The former consists of 12 university departments and institutes from U.K. (Sainsbury Institute for the study of Japanese Arts and cultures), China (Beijing UniversityAChinese Academy of Social SciencesAFudan UniversityAEast China Normal UniversityANanjing UniversityAShandong University), Korea (Pusan National UniversityADong-A UniversityAChonbuk National UniversityAthe Academy of Korean Studies) and Japan (Kyushu University), and the member institutions have been exchanging visiting lecturers, co-organizing workshops, organizing short-term visits of staff and students, and holding an annual consortium symposium in which the progress of student-level and teaching staff-level research of the member institutions are presented and discussed.

The latter integrates formerly separately-run history-related courses, i.e., Archaeology, Japanese History, Korean History, Chinese History, Islamic History, European History and Geography, into a unified format, and will produce future international scholars and specialists.

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